Town Of Petersburgh

Town Clerk

Deidra Michaels

PO Box 130
65 Main Street
Petersburgh, NY 12138
(518)658-3777 x 10

Basic Responsibilities

1) Custodian of the Town Records

2) Records Management Officer

3) Recorder of Town Board Meeting Minutes

4) Keeper of the Town Ordinace Book

5) Keeper of the Town Local Law Book

6) Duties regarding Receipt of Filings

7) Town Clerk Signboard

8) Duties regarding Notification of Appointment of Public Officers

9) Duties regarding Official Undertakings

10) Duties regarding Vacancies in Town Offices

11) Duties regarding the OFfice of Town Assessor

12) Duties regarding the Board of Assement Review

13) Election Duties

14) Duties Regarding Resignation of Town Officers

15) Fiscal Duties

16) Licensing and Permitting Duties

17) Duties regarding Liquor Licenses

18) Public Inspection fo the State Register

19) Duties regarding Written Notices of Claims

20) Compliance with State and Local Ethics Requirements

21) Additional Duties Assigned by the Town Board

Hours of Operation:

Mondays - 9 - 1

Tuesdays - Closed

Wednesday - 9 - 1

Thursday - Closed

Friday - 9 - 1

Saturday - 9 - 12

Sunday - Closed



Deidra A Michaels ()
Phone: (518)658-3777 x 10
Town Clerk
Town of Petersburgh
Deidra A Michaels
PO Box 130
65 Main Street
Petersburgh, NY 12138
Phone: (518)658-3777 x 10
Fax: (518)658-3770
Elected term until December 31, 2021
Deputy Town Clerk
Town of Petersburgh
Brigitta Schmidt
PO Box 130
65 Main Street
Petersburgh, NY 12138
Phone: (518)658-3777 x 10
Fax: (518)658-3770
Appointed Position - term ending December 31, 2021
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2019 Adopted Budget (PDF - 530.1 KB)